Introducing 'The Loop', The Ask's next level of support for founders of new businesses who want to get unstuck.
The reason procrastination tendencies show up so much when first building a business and your remedy to counteract them.
The rise and fall of confidence new founders experience along with their inherent cognitive biases. Featuring real life stories from The Ask community.
We explore how the worry about timing (being too late, not having enough) stops so many people making their entrepreneurial dreams a reality.
Choosing and then running the business for your unique skillset and finding alignment in the process.
The founders' idea-validation journey from initial idea, testing market demand through the existential question of whether you should even be doing it …
Understanding the nuances and various types of entrepreneurship afforded by the internet, and how to go about choosing the right version for you.
A toolkit to help people better understand themselves and to lead better lives, with a focus on their work, productivity, confidence and relationships.
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