Part 2/8 in a series for early-stage founders. Exploring quitting your job, managing your financial runway and finding conviction in the process of starting.
Pt 1/8 in a series for early-stage founders; exploring what kind of business you should be building.
Pt 1/8 in a series for early-stage founders. Starting with how to build the right business based on your innate strengths and traits đź’Ş .
Deep dives into the business models and approaches of the people who have made a living from their ideas online. (Part 2)
Learn how Anne-Laure Le Cunff, David Perell, Codie Sanchez, Steph Smith, George Mack and Josh Spector have made an income sharing their ideas online.
A deep-dive into the darker sides of having an online presence as a business owner: distraction, burnout, cancel culture and the tricks that followers …
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The trope of the visionary founder and how to actually turn the vision of what you are building into concrete actions and steps to follow.
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