Some changes to The Ask newsletter this year and how you can shape it too.
Entrepreneurs face problems that need solving on a daily basis. Knowing exactly what your problem is however, may be the hardest part of the puzzle to…
Follow these four steps to setting goals that light you up, plus what you can expect from me, The Ask® and this newsletter in the year ahead.
A public reflection on the first full year running my coaching business, The Ask.
The 7 steps to building a business that is both fulfilling AND successful. A wrap up of the company-building series from 2021 in this newsletter.
Learn how to master yourself and your shortcomings. Q&A with Shivani Berry, CEO of Ascend, a business born from mistakes. (Pt 2 on leading yourself).
The foundations of personal growth that business owners need to succeed.
It's time to get visible with your business. Read on for advice, and Q&A with Daisy Morris of The Selfhood. (Pt 2 on promoting your business and getting…
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