A brief interruption to regularly scheduled programming.

BRB - I came down with COVID and couldn't write this newsletter for you as usual :(

Hi all

A quick one to say hello and sorry that you didn’t hear from me as usual last week… I came down with COVID 😢

Being bed-bound, achey and sleeping most of the day meant a total stop to all business-related activities. It felt weird to not tell you guys or post this newsletter as it’s been a whole year without a single interruption to my posting schedule.

Keep your eyes peeled as I’ll back to the usual schedule next Wednesday onwards, via this newsletter exploring the topic of what online business owners and creators and do and don’t share about themselves online, influenced by this viral article as well as my own experiences effectively ghosting my audience for 2 weeks and feeling no guilt about it — unlike some creators/online business owners who don’t have the luxury of taking a step back from their audiences. I’m excited to dig into this one and in the following weeks, we’ll be exploring making income from big ideas.

Clearly COVID doesn’t stop for anyone, self-employed or otherwise, and I’m grateful all my clients were understanding and I’m now back on my feet!

Are you looking for more clarity and direction in your entrepreneurial venture?

I have been supporting founders at various stages to get clear on their idea, confidence in their vision and decision making, and figure out the next step and the results have been incredible (team building, fundraises, new product launches and more).

If you’re not making the progress you hoped so far this year and are considering working with a coach to get you closer to the goals you set for 2021, I have two spaces available to start coaching with me and would love to invite you to a complimentary 45 min consultation call with me to get clearer on your next steps. Start today. I’ll then be taking a brief break from new clients so here’s your cue :)