Part 2/8 in a series for early-stage founders. Exploring quitting your job, managing your financial runway and finding conviction in the process of sta…
Pt 1/8 in a series for early-stage founders; exploring what kind of business you should be building.
Pt 1/8 in a series for early-stage founders. Starting with how to build the right business based on your innate strengths and traits ūüí™ .
Deep dives into the business models and approaches of the people who have made a living from their ideas online. (Part 2)
Learn how Anne-Laure Le Cunff, David Perell, Codie Sanchez, Steph Smith, George Mack and Josh Spector have made an income sharing their ideas online.
A deep-dive into the darker sides of having an online presence as a business owner: distraction, burnout, cancel culture and the tricks that followers …
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The trope of the visionary founder and how to actually turn the vision of what you are building into concrete actions and steps to follow.
Introducing 'The Loop', The Ask's next level of support for founders of new businesses who want to get unstuck.
The reason procrastination tendencies show up so much when first building a business and your remedy to counteract them.
The rise and fall of confidence new founders experience along with their inherent cognitive biases. Featuring real life stories from The Ask community.
We explore how the worry about timing (being too late, not having enough) stops so many people making their entrepreneurial dreams a reality.